NaPoWriMo Day 2

2nd April

When you gazed at me with those soulful eyes,
Why did my heart tighten so?
When you showed me the slightest of affections,
Why did it fulfill me so?
When you came running to me,
Why did my smile widen so?
When you comforted me with the faintest touch,
Why did it soothe me so?
When you were a feline so infinitesimal…
How did you affect me so?
I know the bond we shared was unlike any other,
With memories to cherish forever
And life brimming with myriad of colours.
Then why did you leave me?
Why did you steal my happiness,
Abandoning me to this void of
Is this blackness simply a colour
Or an absence of colour?
Amala R.
#napowrimo #glopowrimo #prompt #questions #poem #poemsofinstagram #blackness #poetry #poetsofinstagram #ramblingriter


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