NaPoWriMo Day 10

NaPoWriMo Day 10! The prompt for today was to use a regional expression or idiom about weather. The expressions I’ve used today are from the Hindi language. They are as follows: अंगारे बरसना and  इंद्र का क्रोध होना  

The first one literally translates to ‘shower of coal or embers’ and means extreme heat. The second expression is one that my father loved using as a child. Literally translated, it means ‘the anger or wrath of Indra.’ In Indian mythology, Indra is the God of rains and thus, the phrase is used to describe heavy rains. Additionally, वज्र (vajra) means thunderbolt which serves as Lord Indra’s weapon. बरसात, the title of the poem, is another word for shower thus signifying shower of heat and rain. This poem is in acknowledgment of the droughts faced in Maharashtra, my home state.


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