Alignment of Stars

Her beauty unmatched and ethereal,
Adorned in her hair, loving myrtle.
She gazed on him down below
As he shed tears of sorrow.
He felt her presence, near yet far—
Circling round like morning star.
He stared at the dark Night,
Wherein their love shone bright.
The two star cross’d lovers
Long’d to be in arms together,
One reached downwards and the other up high-
As the stars did realign themselves in the sky.


A Druid’s Tale


There once was a druid
Who had an unusual name!
Some called him Led Zeppelin
While others- Mr. Pink Floyd.
He rose to immense fame
When bitten by scorpions.

The shiny colour of metallic- Ah!
Was now tinged a deep purple.
He fell to the ground with a wham
But was rescued by kool and the gang!
They dropped him near the oasis
Also nicknamed as genesis.

There he saw the light of the green day
The lush leaves and tall trees
When the winter was in coldplay
Buzzing with the sound of bees,
Gees! Yet he was still in desolation
As he longed for his iron maiden!

He Imagined slaying dragons
And rescuing her from oblivion.
He even searched for his nirvana
But could only hear ABBA ABBA.
Then by chance the police walked by
And rescued him so he could fly.

He raced in thirty seconds to mars
He even gatecrashed all the bars
Finally he reached the doors
Of his beloved’s bedroom floor
He flung it open and fought her prisoners-
The chainsmokers and foo fighters!
A hard battle he finally won
With some help of roses and guns.
(Or was it guns N’ roses?
I can never remember which one!)

The Druid and his bride returned home,
Where they received a warm welcome
From the Trans Siberian orchestra.
He then bestowed her with the title ‘Queen’
Of his country- Florence and the Machine!